How to format your WhatsApp chats on Android and iPhone

MN Staff / February 16, 2022
How to format WhatsApp chat text

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Writing chat messages on WhatsApp can be fun with basic text formatting features on WhatsApp chat messenger. You can make WhatsApp chat texts bold, italics, strikethrough and monospace. Here is how you can make your chat more meaningful and amazing.

How to make text Italics?

To italicize the text, simply add an underscore [ _ ] before and after the text, like _your text message_

How to make text bold?

Any text can be made bold in WhatsApp chat by placing a star/asterisk [ * ] on both sides of the text message, like *your text message*

How to make text Strikethrough?

To Strikethrough a text message, place a tilde [ ~ ] on both sides of the text, like ~your text message~

How to make text Monospace?

Monospace text is a font whose letters and characters occupy the same amount of horizontal space. In WhatsApp, to make a text with Monospace type, place three ticks before and after the text. Like, ```your text message```

When you are typing a message, you can alternatively format texts on Android and iOS by selecting text and Tap+hold the text and tap on More option and choose Bold, Italic, Strikethrough or Monospace.


How to format WhatsApp text in Android

Image Info/Credits: How to format WhatsApp

On iPhone, tap+hold the text you want to format and press BIU and choose bold, italics and strikethrough.


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