Jobs that are likely to be overtaken by ChatGPT

MN Staff / April 05, 2023

Image Info/Credits: Jobs at risk by ChatGPT

The impact of ChatGPT on jobs is on the rise. There are varying discussions and opinions on the impact of ChatGPT on many jobs. Investment Banking firm Goldman Sachs reports that the ChatGPT may impact to around 18% of the global jobs that rely on automation. While some experts believe that ChatGPT may result in job losses in some industries and is very unlikely to replace the human workforce completely in the near future. 

ChatGPT can perform tasks much better than humans like data analysis and research or any other work that an be automated. Jobs that require proficiency in domains like Programming, Research, Finance, healthcare, etc are unlikely to be hit by this advancement in AGI.

Here are some of the jobs that can be replaced by ChatGPT or AGI

  1. Data Analyst & Data entry Operators
  2. Data Research, Market Research Analysts
  3. Customer Service Representatives
  4. Virtual Assistants and Appointment Schedulers
  5. Language Translators
  6. Social Media Managers
  7. Email marketers
  8. Proofreader and Content Moderators
  9. Telemerkater, Help desk agents, technical support analysts
  10. Copywriter and transcriptionists
  11. Accounting Bookkeeper


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