Amazon Alexa now comes with support for Hindi Language

MN Staff / November 18, 2019
Amazon Alexa supports Hindi

Image Info/Credits: Amazon Alexa supports Hindi

At a conference in New Delhi, Amazon launched its assistant with new language support for Hindi. Alexa was launched initially with English as a communication language. Now it supports Hindi which is spoken by almost half of the population of India. Amazon is pushing Alexa to expand its userbase in India aggressively to compete with other leading assistants from Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

With Alexa, users can ask questions in Hindi and get a response back in Hindi. This announcement comes months after Amazon added support to the Hindi voice model to its Alexa Skills Kit which enables developers to update their skills in India and provide support to other local languages. The store already supports more than 500 skills. Amazon says Alexa offers more than 30,000 skills across various categories, including cricket, education, and Bollywood in India.


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