Telegram latest version 8.5 arrives with Video Stickers, Better Reaction with compact animation and extra Emoji, and more

MN Staff / February 02, 2022

Instant messaging App Telegram is probably the most active messaging app, both in terms of user base and the development of the app. It is known for providing its users with frequent updates with good features. The latest version 8.5 again comes with a number of new and cool updates including video stickers, better message reactions, improved navigation between chats, bug fixes, and more.

Video Stickers

One of the most popular features, ‘Animated Stickers’ gets added support where users can create stickers from regular videos, using any video editing tool, which previously would have required special software. The company has released a manual to instruct the users on how to create custom video stickers. These stickers can be published via the @Stickers bot.

Improved and Interactive Reactions

Message reactions, first introduced in Telegram 8.4, receive updates and tweaks in the latest version. Apart from adding few new emojis(face with hearts, exploding head, thinking face, rage face, and clapping emojis), the reactions now are more compact, although one can still see the previous version by pressing and holding on an emoji reaction. Moreover, they are now in sync on both ends of the chat. Just like polls, answers, etc., reaction too now gets a read receipt, though which one can know if someone has seen them or not.

Navigation Improvement

The in-app navigation has also improved in the latest version. To return to a specific chat, users can just now hold the ‘Back’ button. Opening chats from the Forwarded messages, links, usernames, profiles, and more are included in the feature list.

Bug Fixes

Telegram in its blog post states that it has fixed known issues in its app. It will improve the call quality through the app, and add support for translation to Instant View pages (bios on iOS), an option to send silent messages from the sharing menu. On Apple devices, new animation can be viewed while tapping icons in the tab bar.

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