Telegram latest update have in-app video editor, new security features and more

MN Staff / June 08, 2020
Telegram In-App video editor update

Image Info/Credits: Telegram In-App video editor update

The latest update from Telegram provides users the ability to edit videos within the app. Some cool features of the editor include video quality enhancement though which users can improve video quality in only two taps automatically.


For users who prefer to have their own personal touch, they can also manually edit the videos by adding animated stickers to the videos and can always play around with adjustment features such as brightness, saturation, etc.


The animated sticker features are also available for photos where the user can add the sticker to convert the static photo into a cool GIF.


The android app update also gets smoother message animations in the chat panel and improved cache management.


Switching to a new device now will require two-step verification; if the user already has two-step verification enabled, they would simply require to enter their password for the same. To enable the two-step verification, the user can go to privacy and security option and enable it, which will ask for setting up a password, while the next screen is for password hint. Logging into a new device from now on will require the password as well as OTP.


The two-step verification will ensure data security for its users, Telegram said.

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