Features mimicking WhatsApp are getting available on Signal

MN Staff / January 24, 2021

With waves of new customers, Signal has started developing new features already available on WhatsApp. These changes were noticed by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, including new chat wallpaper change functionality.

It was available on the Signal 5.3.1 beta version which can be accessed by going to Settings > AppearanceChat wallpaper. 21 pre-set wallpapers are already available to select from with additional options for customers to set their own personalized images as chat wallpaper. Another option to set a dark theme to dim the chat wallpaper can be out there.

WhatsApp’s recent change in the privacy policy and an “Elon Musk” tweet led to the swift rise of Signal’s popularity.

The beta version also carries with itself the customized “About” choice, allowing users to put up their description about themselves. It can be accessed by going to Settings > Profile > About.

Signal App Status

Image Info/Credits: Signal App Status

We will be seeing rapid new changes on Signal, as only earlier this week, it started letting customers select when their media records data needs to be routinely downloaded. It also modified the group call restriction from 5 contributors to 8. These changes were already available on WhatsApp.

Creating a sharable group invite hyperlink is also introduced recently, a feature already there on WhatsApp where one can invite individuals to a team.

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